Construction of specialized projects

We are glad to accept great challenges. We build tailor-made specialized projects. We take into account requirements of our partner.

faviconWhat we can implement  for you

We carry out the construction of ready production halls according to the specific needs of the customer (for example, spatial requirements and layout, special technological solutions and others).

We also provide a complex tailor-made technological unit delivery

We meet special spatial requirements

We can provide up to 7.000 sq.m. of the TFA without column support.

Preparations for technological solutions

We will prepare constructions for fixing of specialized customer solutions.

Higher load-bearing capacity of ceilings for suspension devices

Suitable solution for automotive, warehouses, production, assembly, research, testing, robotic workplaces, etc.

We specialize in projects for industrial and commercial use.

We cooperate only
with reliable suppliers

We cooperate with such suppliers, as is e.g. Kingspann a.s. for cladding of buildings with low heat loss, TECHFLOOR s.r.o., the manufacturer of floor systems You can find our suppliers on the References page.

Effective hall construction with more than 25 % of additional space

We can design the hall so that it contains a minimum of columns. As a result you can get up to 25 % more of additional TFA for purposeful use of indoor space. You can also spare money on overall size of the hall.

Energy savings and higher illumination

The hall may contain roof lights instead of small fanlights for higher illumination. We can achieve lower operation costs by building lower halls, which will create lesser demands on lighting and heating.

faviconHow the construction  is carried out


and initial analysis​

Tell us all the ideas about your project. We will perform an analysis of the possibilities of the entire project implementation, and then we will introduce it to you.

and project preparation


We will prepare the final calculation and the contract. We will provide an environmental impact expert assessment and take care of all necessary permits.

within the agreed terms


We are particular about compliance with the construction schedule. We use proven solutions for fast and efficient construction.

More than 25 years of experience

Perfect project preparation

Turnkey technological unit

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